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The aim is to provide our numerous customers spread across the length and breadth of Ghana
with a truly fast, convenient and reliable delivery experience.

Full responsive

Make request via our responsive mobile portal. As well as track your item's delivery status


We provide you with a full reporting schema, on all your deliveries per their statuses



Get notified when ever your delivery status changes. So you know when and where your item is being delivered

Chat View

Chat with rider in real time to know the status of your item being delivered


We deliver items under the broad categories below, to any part of Ghana.


We help you deliver your groceries to any destination with ease


Deliver any automotive autopart with no stress, with area delivery

Gifts and Parcels

We ensure a secured delivery of your gifts and parcels to your recipients


Conveying your clothings from the laundry/shop is now easier with area delivery

Medical supplies

Pharmacies and Licensed chemical stores can now deliver their drugs with ease


We help you convey your bulk documents to any location in Ghana

Item Delivery Flow

We ensure that your item being delivered, gets to the exact destination and to the right recipient

Request Pickup

Make a pickup request via our mobile or web app portal, and have a rider within range of your item's location, contact you and pick it up


Rider Pickup and Delivers

The rider within your item's location, accepts your request, and picks up your item and proceeds to deliver it to the destination

item pickup

Track Item's location

Track your item's location as it's being conveyed to your specified location in realtime via our web or mobile app

Track Item

Recipient verification & Item Delvery

To ensure the item being delivered gets into the right hands/the exact recipient, we verify the recipient of the item by requesting the item's delivery number as well as a valid ID card for identification

Recipient Verification
Item Delivery     

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